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At EarthSpirit and at home we put a lot of thought into using natural, ecologically harmless products and techniques for Housekeeping. We thought we'd share some tips with you

Please feel free to contact one of us if you have any questions or suggestions. We're always keen to learn more... 


Cleaning Cloth

Old towels and sheets are used as cleaning material.

Bleach for Stains

To get rid of stubborn stain, we use natural bleach. You need to be patient as you need to soak the stain with the product and keep renewing till it's gone. Sometimes 24 hours, sometimes more !


Bleach for cleaning

Vinegar mixed with clove oil helps cleaning bathroom and keep away moulds.


Why buying supplements from the USA when we can make them at home? Here is a selection of brands made in the UK. Most of them with natural ingredients versus made in laboratory.




Global Healing

Garden of Life


Pure Health




Those are pretty free from nasty additives. Enough to choose from!

Nature's Best German

Small Book Shop

Wouldn't you want to support little business than big corporation?



White Horse Books


The Great British Book Shop

and so many more...

Paper Bubble Wrap

I was very impressed by receiving an item wrapped in that material!

Geami wrap

Multi Surface Cleaner

Most cleaning products contain a lot of water so we buy plastic bottles and water.

At the centre we are using the concentrate Sodasan and bottles we refill with water and some of this product ourselves.