A retreat centre near Glastonbury offering quality facilities for courses, workshops and seminars.
Little Earth Facilities

Little Earth offers a group space for up to 20 people and is entirely self contained with its own dining area and accommodation. For larger groups we recommend to use our Main Centre.

Group Room

8.60m x 6.80m Spacious light room with wooden floor, underfloor heating, cushions, therapy thin mattresses, stereo, floor chairs and chairs.

Door separation to the dinning area

Group Room with Partition open

Group Room with Partition closed

Dining Section

7.50m x 6.80m Several tables to be put together or apart.

Kitchen area.

2 loos on the side, one of them has a shower.

Kitchen Area

The kitchen section is equiped with oven, hobs, fridge freezer, toaster, hot water tap for tea, dish washer.

Groups prepare their own breakfast with all provided ingredients.

Lunch and Dinner are brought at requested times. Volunteers will come to pick up pots and pan and groups are tidying dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher.

Pete Warnock leading a Breathworkshop
David Jenson photograph