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Sound Healing

Hi! My name’s Olivia and I’d like to invite you to experience harmonic tones and felt vibration in sacred space, for heart-based transformation and healing. Immerse yourself in the deeply relaxing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, drumming, auto-harp, and Native American flutes.
One-to-one session
An energy cleansing ritual welcomes you into the healing space to ‘bathe’ in the healing vibrations of sacred sound. The instruments (played both on and around the body) , are deeply restorative, soothe physical ailments, and allow for journeying to inner and outer worlds. Essential oils and crystals are used to enhance the vibrational field, whilst grounding and breathing techniques bring centring and alignment.
£75     60-75 minutes
Tuning fork session
Tuning forks clear blockages in the energy body, help ground, restore equilibrium, treat headaches, clear sinuses, and even help connect with the higher realms. This treatment includes a ritual energy-field cleansing, grounding and intention setting. The forks are then played around and on the body, bringing in a higher vibrational frequency.
£45      45 minutes
Group Sound Ceremony
Gathering and setting intention together creates connected calm, and is a powerful way to transform and raise the energy. Please get in touch to discuss any events, private parties, festivals, or retreats which would benefit from a Sacred Sound Ceremony.
Please contact
07552 724890


“Olivia is a natural at holding space and channelling healing energy that honours the Earth and Spirit.The sound healing experience itself was deep, soothing and profound. The sounds activated so much in me including visuals, releasing breaths and enlightening thoughts. I can’t recommend her work enough to anyone open to such a potent spiritual medicine. It was a journey I feel blessed to have had.” Katie